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    About us

    Dr. Diana Huang is a veterinarian with experience working with over 150 species, dedicated to caring for any species in need.  She graduated OSU in 1997.

    Call us at 614-845-1122

    Benefits of Concierge Veterinary Services:

    ⊕ Less stress for you and your pet

    ⊕ No busy waiting rooms

    ⊕ Transportation not needed from your home

    ⊕ Visits at your pet friendly workplace

    ⊕ Minimal time taken out of  your busy day

    ⊕ Personal full-attention service

    ⊕ Better assessment of your pet in their home environment

    ⊕ No carriers needed, no snow to endure

    ⊕ Multiple pet households, no need to grow a 4th hand!


    Wellness Care


    Injury and Wound Management


    Stress Free Care at Home

     § Special: Free Ear Cleaning at your pet’s first appointment, by request! §

    “Your patience and ability to work with Oreo was outstanding.  In all the years that I have owned her no vet has ever been able to examine her without some sort of sedation” – R.R.

    Meet the Veterinary Care Team

    Sarah R Veterinary Techinician

    Dr. Diana Huang Veterinarian